Length of season & annual fees

Information about our season and site fees

Our holiday season

March to November

We’re currently open for approximately seven months of the year, from the end of March/Easter until the end of October/beginning of November. During this time you may use your holiday home in Solva as much as you want.  When we’re closed for the winter months,  you can still access the park and your caravan to check on it, but there are no services available.   We are hoping to move to a longer season very soon so we can offer our customers even more time here.  After all, it is a great place to visit, no matter what the season. 

Annual costs

Our pitch fees

The pitch fee for 2019 is £2,300.00. This includes VAT, business rates and all site services aside from metered electricity.  This fee is payable at the start of the season. Metered electricity is calculated on your usage and would be charged at the close of season. Costs of electric billed in 2018 varied from £10 – £300, with the average consumption being 450 units, approximately £60 for the season.

We sell and deliver 47kg cylinder propane gas on site. The cost is currently £65.00 including VAT but this can vary according to the price charged by our supplier.  We ask all caravans to carry a full, reserve bottle. When new caravans are sited, we ask that you attach an auto change-over valve. This is a far better way of managing uninterrupted gas supply to your caravan and prevents customers from running out of gas between deliveries.

Gas safety certificate & insurance policy

A few things you’ll need

For your safety and peace of mind, we ask all caravan owners to provide a copy of their annual insurance policy and have an annual gas safety check as part of their agreement with us. The gas check currently costs between £45.00- £65.00, depending on who you choose to carry out the test. They must be a Gas Safe registered engineer –  we can provide a list of recommendations.

You may insure with anyone you wish but we have negotiated a reduced rate with Leisuredays – a caravan insurance specialist. Insurance premiums on the park are around £200 per annum, depending on the value of the caravan. Insurance to cover ‘new for old’ is preferable for new stock.


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